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GitHub Finger

I missed the finger protocol.

It was such a simple, concise method for tech-savvy individuals to share what they were working on with the world and also discover what their friends and colleagues were contributing to.

I wanted that back. 1

Creating a New Finger

The idea was to create a simple REST API that could be used to lookup a person and get “plan” information about them in text, markdown, JSON, or even HTML. I wanted something that could be embeded in documents, blogs, or even linked to in a tweet. I also was hoping to piggy-back off something that not only already existed, but was ubiquitous…

GitHub is where the (programming) world works today, and its open API provides exactly what I need to create a new, modern version of this useful tool that would provide:

So, that’s what I did… 2

You can use this to look up the information on any GitHub user. If that user also has a .plan repository, then the repository’s README and issues (as a list of what that user is currently working on) will also be shown.


Head over to to learn how you can link a plan and even embed it on your own web page/blog. It’s easy!


  1. Obviously fingerd and the finger command still exist, but they are obscure and rarely used (by anyone I know) any more. 

  2. For those who care about such things, this was created with Scala