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ScalaJS Facade for Vue.js

I had just finished up my ScalaJS G8 Skeleton, and thought I’d take a little time out from the daily grind and play around with reactive frameworks. And what better first app than the “hello world” of web apps: a TODO list?

The last reactive framework I toyed around with was Angular 1.0 (right as it was transitioning to 2.0) quite a long time ago, and while I liked some of the ideas (ng- tags), but couldn’t stand that “hammer factory hell” that it had going on.

I started looking around at the other options out there, and - to be honest - I really didn’t like much of what I saw. I’m an old-school programmer, and while production code and libraries always grow as they solve more and more problems, they should still be able to introduce new-comers to the basics with a few lines of code and slowly build from there.

I then came across Vue.js and was very pleasantly surprised. It had what I enjoyed from Angular, the entire API fit on a single page, and the Getting Started section was a pleasant, gentle, step-by-step introduction to everything one needed to know to get up and running quickly.

Next was to see if there was already a Vue facade for ScalaJS, and there was. However, it was very bare-bones (not the entire API), and not very type safe. Admittedly, Vue functions accept variant types: DOM elements, element selector strings, arrays of both, and even functions. So, it can be difficult to steer clear of js.Any. But, I hadn’t made a facade before, Vue was small enough, and I thought others might get some use out of it as well.

Well, a couple days later and my ScalaJS Vue Facade is up and ready to be used from JitPack!

The entire Vue.js API should be supported with a good amount of type safety. As I learn more of the ScalaJS facade tricks-of-the-trade, I’ll add more type safety as well.

As always, if you find something wrong - or have a better way of doing something in the facade - please, open an issue and tell me about it!