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ScalaJS App Skeleton

I’ve had a lot of fun with Scala over the past couple years doing little side things here and there. When I want to do some FP (and still be productive), Scala is my goto language.

In the past I’ve tried to pick up ScalaJS, but it was always just a bit of an annoyance to get all the tooling together, and I was anxiously waiting for Scala 2.12 features. Well, not only is 2.12 out, but ScalaJS is very close to 1.0!

So, I decided to just sit down over the past couple days and crank out a Giter8 template that’s pre-setup for use the ScalaJS Bundler plugin and that can be launched with Electron (for desktop apps) or served with Express without copying files around. It’s also has launch configurations for use with VSCode out-of-the-box.


I hope this gets a few more people using ScalaJS and/or Scala!

If you find something wrong - or a better way of doing something in the skeleton - please, open an issue and tell me about it.