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CHIP-8 Emulator in Go

Last Christmas I had some spare time and just felt like coding something up. I was feeling a bit nostalgic, so I decided to write a CHIP-8 emulator; something very doable within a week off work.

But, then the week went by, and while the emulator was fine, I wasn’t quite content. Most of the games for it were terribly coded and so I was going to have to program a few of my own. Fast forward another few days and I had a CHIP-8 assembler along with debugger and output log.

CHIP-8 Emulator

Feel free to download it, play some CHIP-8 games, and create some of your own. If you do code up something cool, please create a pull request with your source added to games/sources and I’ll be sure to merge so others can enjoy and learn from it.